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Metadata Factory Common Modules

Use this with the scalejs metadata factory to build fully functional applications from JSON very rapidly.

Build Status

The following modules will be availale in this package:

  • accordion
  • action
  • adapter [6 / 10]
  • form
  • grid
  • gridAdvanced
  • group
  • input
  • list
  • listAdvanced
  • responsiveGrid
  • store [7 / 7]
  • tabs
  • template

All modules will have a defined API with docs and tests.

Import the modules into your entry point for them to be registered in the MVVM and MetadataFactory extensions.

Modules will be compatible with hot-loader to add hot loading functionality with webpack.


  • grep repo for inline todos
  • move over common layout templates
  • autocomplete: fix error & get styles working