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    Scaffold-generator is a scaffolding utility used to automate project creation from the specified template and data.

    Scaffold-generator could be the core utility to create something like grunt-init and yeoman generators.

    rename.json of grunt-init is silly and scaffold-generator use template engine for both file content and file name.

    You are free to safely copy several sources to their destinations with one single scaffold-generator instance!


    npm install scaffold-generator --save


    Suppose the file structure is:

             |-- {{main}}
             |-- package.json

    And /path/from/package.json:

      "name": "{{name}}",
      "main": "{{main}}"
    const Scaffold = require('scaffold-generator')
    const mustache = require('mustache')
    // All variables are HTML-escaped by mustache by default,
    // and `lib/index.js` will be escaped to `lib/index.js`.
    // To avoid this, override the `mustache.escape`
    // or triple mustache `{{{name}}}` should be used.
    mustache.escape = v => v
    new Scaffold({
      data: {
        name: 'my-module',
        main: 'lib/index.js'
      // function `options.render` accepts `str` and `data`, then returns a `str`
      render: mustache.render
    .copy('/path/from', '/path/to')
    .then(() => {


    File names will be substituted.

           |-- lib
           |     |-- index.js
           |-- package.json

    File contents will also be substitute. And the file /path/to/package.json will be

      "name": "my-module",
      "main": "lib/index.js"

    new Scaffold(options)

    • options Object
      • data Object the data which will be substituted into the template file.
      • ignore (String|Array.<String>|Ignore)= the ignore rule or a array of rules.
      • render function(str, data): String the renderer to compile the template and apply data.
      • override Boolean=true whether should override existing files
      • backup Boolean=true if backup:true, a .bak file will be saved when overriding an existing file.

    Creates an instance of scaffold-generator

    .copy(from, to)


    • from path see 'cases' section
    • to path see 'cases' section
    • filesMap Object the {from: to} object

    This method will still substitute the content and the pathname of template files with options.data.

    scaffold-generator will fs.stat the types of from and to, and then determine what things are to be copied. See Cases section for details.

    Returns Promise

    .write(to, template)

    Writes file to with rendered template if options.override is true.


    .copy(fromDir, toDir)

    Will try to copy all files inside fromDir(not fromDir itself) to toDir, with the filenames and file contents substituted.

    .copy(fromFile, toFile)

    Will try to write to fromFile with the substituted content of toFile

    .copy(fromFile, toDir)

    Will try to copy file fromFile into directory toDir


    npm i scaffold-generator

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