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A friendly web application scaffolding utility


npm install -g scaffld

Basic Usage

  1. Create a directory for your new application mkdir new-app
  2. Move to the new directory cd new-app
  3. Create a project scaffld new
  4. Start a connect server to access your project at http://localhost:4444 grunt connect


--jquery Scaffold the project with the latest version of jQuery (2.0+).

--jquery-legacy Scaffold the project with jQuery 1.9.1 for IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8 support.

--modernizr Scaffold the project with the development version of Modernizr.

--less Scaffold the project to use LESS as a CSS preprocessor.

--backbone Scaffold the project to use Backbone as the application framework. This includes the latest versions of jQuery (2.0+) and lodash.


Use generators to add boilerplate application files after you have set up a new project.

*Generators are not yet functional. This is only a preliminary specification.

JavaScript Generators

  • scaffld generate js-client-desktop <name> Creates a new entry point file where modules can be instantiated.
  • scaffld generate js-helper <name> Creates a generic module
  • scaffld generate js-plugin <name>
  • scaffld generate jquery-plugin <name>
  • scaffld generate backbone-model <name>
  • scaffld generate backbone-collection <name>
  • scaffld generate backbone-view <name>

LESS Generators

  • scaffld generate less-block <name>
  • scaffld generate less-element <name>
  • scaffld generate less-page <name>
  • scaffld generate less-theme <name>
  • scaffld generate less-util <name>