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Module to parse the abstract syntax tree of OpenSCAD files


This is still beta stage, at the moment I'm busy porting the code from JS to TS.


  • npm start: Run cli.js with nodemon and node-ts
  • npm run build: Build all
  • npm run build:grammar: Generate the grammar from src/nearley/
  • npm run build:docs: Generate the documentation files
  • npm run build:lib: Compile the TS code to JS code
  • npm run test:live: Run unit tests and watch for file changes
  • npm test: Run unit tests


  • Thanks to the OpenSCAD team for this great programmatic CAD tool: OpenSCAD
  • Also thanks to all the Nearley contributors, for supplying an awesome parser generator for JS: Nearley
  • And last but not least, thanks for Moo, the lexer library powering this parser: Moo