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Holds a set of commonly used gulp tasks which can be plumbed together using a gulpfile.js file.


npm install sc-gulp-tasks --save-dev

How to use it in your gulpfile.js

// require all the node modules you use inside this file
var tasks = require('sc-gulp-tasks');
gulp.task('build', function(){

API Docs

Provide own configuration

The process of overriding existing config is not perfect yet, to provide custom config just run the gulpfile.js with additional options

gulp --config=./config.json If the configuration file is on the same level as the gulpfile.js, the provided config will be loaded using require.

You only need to provide the values which you want to overwrite, the problem is that if you update the folders.src property all properties dependent to folders.src wont update automatically,because the default config was already interpreted on first load, so best if you update a folders property is to provide all the globs to.