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Generate static blog content with streams!

Simple. Solid. Straightforward.

The blog content generator that brings users back to the basics. Raw HTML.

Instead of building out a backend and managing databases, endpoints, and relational tables, why can't we just serve up static HTML?

Now you can with Node.js and sblog!

npm install sblog --global


  1. Create the blog scaffolding
sblog new my-blog
cd my-blog
  1. Build the blog content from the scaffolding. Outputs content to ./site by default
sblog build
  1. Serve up the blog content on http://localhost:4444/
sblog serve


  • Cooler starting scaffolding
    • Different scaffolding templates using slush
  • Plugins
  • Alternative Templating Engine
  • Processors for Templating Metadata
  • More docs!