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    A utility to convert fiddler capture archive (saz) to jmeter script (jmx). It exports the jmx with good defaults and boilerplate.


    As a Performance tester (or "http hacker") we quite regularly play with tools like Fiddler which helps us to log/inspect/edit/save all http(s) traffic between the client and the server. Another favorite tool is Apache JMeter which is responsible to generating heavy http/or any kind of traffic and measuring transaction attributes. This tool/js library attempts to bridge the gap between the two by providing users to generate a jmeter script from a fiddler capture archive.

    Alternatives and their pain points

    • HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder: JMeter's very own http traffic recorder. The interface is hard to use and does not allow you to save the recorded data (easily 😉)
    • Blazemeter Chrome Extension: doesnt save the responses which are very crucial for correlation also some bugs on GET query string conversion.


    Make sure you have Nodejs and npm installed. Latest LTS Version: 10.16.0 (includes npm 6.9.0).

    There are multiple options to use this library.

    as a library

    1. install the package npm i saz2jmx
    2. sample javascript, say script.js
    let saz2jmx = require('saz2jmx');
    saz2jmx('c:/path/to/imported.saz', 'exports/exported.jmx');
    1. Execute node script.js

    as an npm executable

    execute it directly without installing the package

    npx saz2jmx -s source.saz -d destination.jmx

    as a global command

    install the package by running npm i -g saz2jmx. Then run the command as shown below.

    Usage: saz2jmx [options]
    example: saz2jmx -s source.saz -d destination.jmx
      -v, --version                    output the version number
      -s, --source <source>            source .saz file
      -d, --destination <destination>  destination .jmx file
      -h, --help                       output usage information

    That's it, really!

    Contributors welcome!

    Just send pull requests with feature/bug description. We can discuss about the approach through comments in issues page


    Click here to create new issue.


    • ability make samplers configurable (pass in a json maybe?)
    • ability add additional jmeter components
    • create jmx from bzt configs (yml) (I know its reinventing the wheel! but reinventing in JS, bzt is in python)


    npm i saz2jmx

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