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    HiFive1 'blinky' project

    This project was generated by the GNU MCU Eclipse SiFive template.

    Application specific files

    The application specific files are in the src, include and ldscripts folders. Edit them to implement the desired application functionality.

    Framework common packages

    The system files, common to many applications, are grouped in the xpacks folder. xPacks are separate small projects used as building blocks of modular applications.

    Most of the xPacks are part of the µOS++ project.

    Portable files

    • micro-os-plus-diag - diagnostic trace functions
    • micro-os-plus-c-libs - functions to complement the C library
    • micro-os-plus-cpp-libs - functions to complement the C++ library
    • micro-os-plus-startup - portable startup
    • micro-os-plus-semihosting - portable semihosting

    Architecture/device/board files

    • micro-os-plus-riscv-arch RISC-V architecture files
    • sifive-devices SiFive Core Complex IP devices files
    • sifive-hifive1-board SiFive Freedom E310 HiFive1 files


    An OpenOCD debug launch file is automatically generated.

    The HiFive1 board has an on board JTAG programmer. The OpenOCD configuration is available as a single file -f "board/sifive-hifive1.cfg".

    The referred files are available in the GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD distribution. If you use other distributions, you can get the files from GitHub; download the sifive-*.cfg files and copy them in the scripts/board OpenOCD folder.


    Starting with GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins 4.3.2, the SiFive Template project supports semihosting, both for trace output and for fully semihosted projects.

    To run them, GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD 0.10.0-7 or later is required. Attempts to use older versions of OpenOCD will simply break into the debugger.

    Eclipse preferences

    If you do not like the large number of source folders shown by Eclipse in the Project Explorer, you can go to Eclipse menu -> Preferences... -> C/C++ -> Appearance and disable Show source roots at top of project.


    Unless otherwise mentioned, all µOS++ components are provided free of charge under the terms of the MIT License with all rights reserved to Liviu Ionescu.


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