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    NOTE Due to how non-js files are handled via webpack, this has been forked from sasslint-loader and rewritten as plugin instead of a loader.

    Sasslint Plugin

    Sasslint plugin for Webpack


    $ npm install sasslint-webpack-plugin


    In your webpack configuration

    var sassLintPlugin = require('sasslint-webpack-plugin');
    module.exports = {
      // ...
      plugins: [
        new sassLintPlugin(),
      // ...


    You can customize the lint settings via a .sass-lint.yml file. See sasslint options, for complete options.

    • configFile: You can change the config file location. Default: (.sass-lint.yml)
    • context: Array of strings or String, Change the root of your SCSS files. Default inherits from webpack config.
    • ignoreFiles: Array of files to ignore, must be full path, Default: none
    • ignorePlugins: Array of plugins to ignore, Default: none (example: extract-text-webpack-plugin)
    • glob: Change the glob pattern for finding files. Default: (**/*.s?(a|c)ss)
    • quiet: Suppress warnings, errors will still show. Default: false
    • failOnWarning: Have Webpack's build process die on warning. Default: false
    • failOnError: Have Webpack's build process die on error. Default: false
    • testing: Quites output normally for testing purposes, Default: 'false' Caution do not use this unless you are catching errors via Webpack CLI!
    // Default settings
    module.exports = {
      plugins: [
        new sassLintPlugin({
          configFile: '.sass-lint.yml',
          context: ['inherits from webpack'],
          ignoreFiles: [],
          ignorePlugins: [],
          glob: '**/*.s?(a|c)ss',
          quiet: false,
          failOnWarning: false,
          failOnError: false,
          testing: false

    Errors and Warnings

    The plugin will dump full reporting of errors and warnings. You can use the quiet option to hide files which only have warnings. quiet will not hide errors, nor will it hide warnings on files with errors.

    Extract Text Plugin

    You will can duplicate output of errors and warnings if you use the extract-text-webpack-plugin, add it to the ignorePlugins config option to prevent that.


    NoErrorsPlugin prevents Webpack from outputting anything into a bundle. So even sass-lint warnings will fail the build. No matter what error settings are used for sasslint-webpack-plugin.

    So if you want to see sass-lint warnings in console during development using WebpackDevServer remove NoErrorsPlugin from webpack config.



    npm i sasslint-webpack-plugin

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