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Sassdoc Pheek Theme

A stylish but agnostic SASSDoc theme with heavy focus on rendering code examples.

  • Code examples styled to match One Dark Theme
  • SASS filenames for easy reference
  • Previews for colours both in the main body of the documentation and in the sidebar navigation

TODO Still a couple of things I want to tidy up before this hits 1 dot release

  • Fix the inconsistent left alignment of annotation details
  • Use FontAwesome icons for function, variable and mixin labels on the @see and @usedby annotation blocks

Let me know if you find any other display quirks and I'll patch 'em. If you end up using the theme - thanks - and ping me a link. I'm @petehotchkiss on Twitter

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Up and running...

Assuming you even know what Sassdoc is, and already have the bad-boy installed. Install the theme via npm

npm i --save sassdoc-theme-pheek

Depending on which way your skinning your configuration cat, change the theme value to pheek

Using gulp

gulp.task('sassdoc', function () {
  var options = {
    dest: 'docs',
    verbose: true,
    theme: 'pheek',
    display: {
      alias: true
  return gulp.src('path/to/you/sass/files/**/*.scss')

Using sassdoc.config file

  "dest": "destination/path",
  "verbose": true,
  "theme": "pheek",
  "display": {
    "alias": "true"
  "groups": {
    "groupname": "display name",

Changing display items


The theme will look automatically for a file called your_logo.svg in the assets/images folder of where your docs are built to. To change this, edit the package.json file, amending the logo property to your prefered file name.

Other stuff you should read

Note: Current SassDoc instance appears to have bug 464 which means anything documented with a @group annotation isn't correctly referenced with an #anchor point. Subsequently, should the items be referenced with a @see annotation the incorrect link is injected into the page.

There is a pending pull request PR which fixes this and exposes a value to the see.html.swig template file. Once this PR is authorsied this theme will automatically pick up the feature and the linking will work correctly on your next documentation generation.



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