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sass_monitor is a wrapper for the node_sass module add the functionality to compile named directories of SASS files.

It can be run standalone or as a Grunt task.

Be sure to run $ npm install before use.

Grunt usage

module.exports = function(grunt) {

// Project configuration.
	sassMonitor: {
		staticBuild: {
			srcDir: 'css_src',
			destDir: 'WebContent/static/css',
			includePaths: ['environments/static/','css_src/'],
			debug: true
		production: {
			srcDir: 'css_src',
			destDir: '../GamesWorkshop/Production/gw.war/static/css',
			includePaths: ['environments/prod/','css_src/'],
			debug: true
	watch: {
		css: {
			files: '../css_src/**/*.scss',
			tasks: 'sassMonitor'


// Default task.
grunt.registerTask('default', 'watch');


NOTE: Partial imports are relative to the grunt installation folder so for the above example it would be @import '../css_src/common';


node sassMonitor.js

NOTE: As above the imports will be relative ..