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Sass Tools

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A collection of mixins and other handy tools.


  • Smart Grid
  • Centering (Vertically and/or Horizontally)
  • Quantity Queries
  • Triangles
  • Arrow Buttons
  • Google Fonts Import

Installation & Setup

Works via npm or bower. First, pick one install method:

npm install sass-tools
bower install sass-tools

Then, include the main file in your sass; so if you had scss/style.css, you'd include this in it:

@import "../node_modules/sass-tools/all.scss";

If you're using bower, just replace node_modules/ for bower_components/.

Installing just what you need

Feel free to not grab the whole thing and just pick a single mixin:

@import "../node_modules/sass-tools/lib/_arrow-btn.scss";

If a mixin has dependencies on other mixins, it'll import them; so just grab what you need.


See the examples/ directory for the Sass and HTML used to demo the different tools. You'll need to build the tools to see them in a browser though (see below; it's easy).

In browser examples and SassDocs are available by cloning this repo and running:

npm install
npm start

You do not need to clone the repo to use the tools, just to see examples and docs.

More Info


After building the tools, you can see the SassDocs at docs/.

Building the Tools

Not needed to use the tools; just to compile the example Sass to CSS and build the Docs. Simply run:

npm install
npm run build


To fire up BrowserSync and all the watches; just run:

npm install
npm start

Please ensure:

  • Items have SassDocs Annotations (the triple slash /// comments)
  • Examples have been provided
  • npm test executes successfully


npm i sass-tools

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