SASS middleware (adapted from the less-middleware)

Like less-middleware but sass-middleware.

  1. Sass
# insall Sass if not installed
gem install sass
# install sass-middleware
npm install sass-middleware

Make shure static middleware was placed after sass-middleware

// app.use(require('sass-middleware')(options)) 
  bin: '/path/to/sass/executable',
  src: 'public',
  quiet: true
  1. bin - Path to sass executable (defaults to "sass")
  2. src - Source path (defaults to "public")
  3. dest - Destination path (defaults to options.src)
  4. quiet - Suppress output (defaults to false)
  5. cache_location - Path to sass cache location (defaults to sass default cache location)
  6. style - output style (defaults to sass default output style)