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JavaScript framework for SASL authentication.


This module is a JavaScript framework for SASL authentication and data security. Mechanisms are pluggable, allowing a server and client to negotiate supported mechanisms when performing authentication in connection-oriented protocols.

$ volo add jaredhanson/js-sasl sasl

For more information on using volo to manage JavaScript modules, visit

Create a SASL mechanism factory.

var factory = new sasl.Factory();

Register supported SASL mechanisms.

Mechanism Developer
PLAIN Jared Hanson

To run tests in a browser, execute the Make target for the desired browser:

$ make test-chrome
$ make test-firefox
$ make test-safari

To run headless tests from a terminal using PhantomJS:

$ make test-phantomjs

To run tests in Node:

$ make test-node

The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2012 Jared Hanson <>