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A JavaScript framework that unites the server and client.

What makes Sara so great?

Well, she's...

  • a single app that runs in servers and browsers (isomorphic)
  • SEO-friendly (pre-renders your views)
  • skinny (20kb client-side)
  • a node framework at heart (npm install sara --save)


How about a todo list app with...

  • AngularJS views
  • Data persistence
  • RethinkDB storage
  • SEO pre-rendering
  • WebSocket synchronization

See the sara-angular example.


Due to the originality of Sara's client/server realtionship, there are a few "gotchas" when building apps with her.

  1. NEVER include inline nor external scripts in your templates. All logic should be require()'d from within your Sara app.


To start the example app from a clone of this repo:

  1. $ npm install to install Sara's dependencies
  2. cd examples/sara-angular-example; npm install; to install the example's dependencies
  3. cd ../..; gulp; to serve the example app


Lint/test your code by running...

$ gulp

...from inside of the repo.