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    an orbotix-hack

    Client-Side Dashboard to Easily Connect and Control Sphero/BB-8/Ollie Devices

    Control Page

    Minimum Requirements

    • For Sphero 1.0/2.0/SPRK models: Bluetooth Classic (Bluetooth 2.0/3.0) enabled computer
    • For BB-8/Ollie models: Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE/Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth 4.0/4.1) enabled computer
    • Currently only Mac (OS X) platform compatible
    • Xcode 7
    • A Sphero 1.0/2.0, SPRK, BB-8 or Ollie


    Download from npm:

    npm install saphero

    Or clone directly from GitHub:

    If you clone from GitHub you will need to run the following command before launching:

    gulp sass

    Getting Started

    • Pair Sphero or SPRK via Bluetooth (found in System Preferences > Bluetooth - but first ensure Sphero/SPRK is not connected to any another device); you do not need to pair BB-8 or Ollie devices
    • Launch app from command line by typing saphero (use npm start if you cloned from GitHub)
    • Open browser at localhost:3000 (it should launch automatically in default browser) and follow the instructions


    • Client-side dashboard for easy Sphero/SPRK/BB-8/Ollie connection and control
    • Back-end server that listens to your commands and sends them to your device
    • Connects and sets up a device at a click of a button!
    • Move your device using keypress or a game controller (game controller only compatible on Firefox Nightly browser)
    • Graphs speed and acceleration
    • Preset commands and colors
    • Color picker

    Game Controller

    • Install the Firefox Nightly browser
    • Launch app from command line by typing saphero (use npm start if cloned from GitHub)
    • Follow app instructions to connect device
    • Plugin a game controller via USB (currently supports PlayStation controllers only)
    • Control your device one the /move page:
      • Change color: left joystick
      • Directions: arrow buttons or right joystick
      • Increase speed: ◯ or R1
      • Decrease speed: ▢ or L1


    Device setup and connection page:

    Routes Description
    /move Game controller and keypress control
    /color Preset colors and color picker
    /preset Preset commands
    /about About the contributors

    Acknowledgements & Modules Used

    Issues? Suggestions? Comments?

    Submit an issue on GitHub.

    Check out our Developer's Notes.

    Legal Notices

    This work is not endorsed by Orbotix.

    Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


    MIT Licensed. For more details, see the LICENSE file.


    npm i saphero

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