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Santari (a.k.a sentry. Refer: stands for guardsman/watchman in hindi. Santari looks for dependencies in your project and creates a PR with the latest dependency changes.

What it does

  1. Gets your package.json file from your project and runs npm-check-updates in background.
  2. If there are dependencies to be updated. It creates a new branch with updated dependencies package.json.
  3. If a branch exists with the updated dependencies, branch and PR creation is avoided.
  4. If you have locked version for deps, they are not overrided.



Create an environment variable GITHUB_KEY with your github access token. For more details visit

Please make sure, you have read-write access to the repo(s).

[sudo] npm i -g santari

santari --repo jeremyrajan/santari 

Replace the repo option with username/repo-name.


You can pass the following options:

  1. --dry: If you pass this as argument then, santari will not create PR/branches and will only display the latest packages to be updated.

ex: santari --repo <author>/<repo> --dry

  1. --c: From version > 2.5.0 you can pass a config file option wherein you can set PR details. Check .santari.json in this repo.

ex: santari --repo <author>/<repo> --c .santari.json

Automatic Checking

Please note that this example uses travis CI.

  1. Add GITHUB_KEY with your access token as ENV variable.
  2. Add npm i -g santari to before_install
  3. Add santari --repo <author>/<name_of_repo> to after_success
  4. Configure cron in travis CI for the repo. You have a choice between daily, weekly or monthly.

This repo, is configured for automatic updates on a daily basis, .travis.yml. For more details on cron jobs for travis, please refer here.


The setup is the same, if your CI supports cron jobs.


  1. Open a issue tracker/PR for contributions.
  2. Send an email jeremyrajan[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks to Tomas Junnonen for npm-check-updates.