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    Sanity Tabs Plugin

    Input component for rendering fieldsets as tabs

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    Sanity now includes Field Groups from version 2.24.0.
    This feature supersedes this plugin, and it is now in maintenance only mode.


    Package Version Sanity Version
    2.1.x 2.1.x - 2.24.x
    2.0.x 2.0.x
    1.4.x 1.150.x

    How does it look?



    Clone the original demo repository and run sanity start to see how it works.

    How do I use it?

    Just add inputComponent: Tabs to your field. Please note that the field type must be object.

    import Tabs from 'sanity-plugin-tabs';
    export default {
      type: 'document',
      title: `Front Page`,
      name: `frontPage`,
      inputComponent: Tabs,
      fieldsets: [
        { name: 'main', title: 'Main', options: { sortOrder: 10 } },
        { name: 'aside', title: 'Aside', options: { sortOrder: 20 } },
        { name: 'meta', title: 'Meta', options: { sortOrder: 30 } },
      fields: [
          type: 'object',
          name: 'mainTitle',
          title: 'Main Title',
          fieldset: 'main',
          fieldsets: [{ name: 'ingress', title: 'Ingress' }],
          fields: [
              type: 'string',
              name: 'header',
              title: 'Header',
              type: 'string',
              name: 'ingressText',
              title: 'Text',
              fieldset: 'ingress',
          type: 'string',
          name: 'info',
          title: 'Information',
          fieldset: 'aside',
          type: 'object',
          name: 'aside',
          fieldset: 'meta',
          inputComponent: Tabs,
          fieldsets: [
            { name: 'tags', title: 'Tags' },
            { name: 'categories', title: 'Categories' },
          fields: [
              type: 'string',
              name: 'contentType',
              title: 'Content Type',
              fieldset: 'tags',
              type: 'string',
              name: 'category',
              title: 'Category',
              fieldset: 'categories',


    Run the following commands at the root of this repository.

    npm i
    npm link

    Now you can start developing the plugin.

    To include it in your Sanity test site, navigate to the root folder of your CMS project and run:

    npm link sanity-plugin-tabs

    You will now reference the local version of the plugin when importing it as below:

    import Tabs from 'sanity-plugin-tabs';


    To debug the plugin files in you then need to start Sanity with the flag --preserve-symlinks as in the command below:

    sanity start --preserve-symlinks

    And then from the sanity-plugin-tabs repository folder, run the project with:

    npm run dev

    Logging from the plugin is disabled by default, so if you'd like to see more detailed debug information, set the environment variable:


    This can be easily done by creating a file called .env.development next to your project's sanity.json and adding the line above to that file.


    npm i sanity-plugin-tabs

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