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    Sanitize, don't let your computer get sick. Handle your JS data sanitation effectively and accurately with Sandhands.

    Please read our Docs 😊 Sandhands is a big passion project of mine, and I think you could love it too! Feel free to open an issue or make a pull request :)

    Now over 200 test cases!


    What is Sandhands useful for?

    Sandhands is a general purpose library that ensures your data is structured the way it's supposed to be. This can be useful for web servers especially, but this library is also useful for almost any use case.

    For example when scripting something you stumble upon a variable that is misbehaving and you want to ensure it is what you think it is. Simply use the "sanitize" method as a one line check that will halt execution immediately if you're not getting the data you expected. The built in support for express also makes endpoint JSON validation an absolute breeze.

    Sandhands vs Typescript

    Sandhands takes a different approach to validation than Typescript. Typescript is a modification to the language itself, and Sandhands is just a library that can check types during runtime.

    Sandhands is my preferred type checking solution because it's less intrusive to your coding environment, and I only need to enforce type checks at specific places. Additionally Sandhands is capable of performing checks during runtime which Typescript is not (as it is transpiled to JS before deployment).

    Typescript is a much better solution if you'd like to enforce the type of everything all the time. Or you could use both for the ultimate type scrutiny, though this library's TS support could likely be improved (pull requests welcome!)

    Example Usage

    import {sanitize, valid, details} from 'sandhands'
    valid(12, String) // returns false
    sanitize(12, String) // throws error with message "Invalid Type"
    details(12, String) // returns "Invalid Type"

    Working With Express

    Sandhands has built-in support for Express!

    ...'/register', sandhandsExpress({
      username: 'username', // the 'username' string is an alias for the special username custom format. See here for a list of existing custom formats
      email: 'email',
      password: 'password'
    }), (req, res) => {
      console.log('Got Registration Details', req.body)

    To see the full example please visit this page.


    Sandhands has a sister library SandForms for straightforward form management which uses Sandhands internally.


    npm i sandhands

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