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An Atlantic Salmon habitat suitability model for use in New England and Canadian maritime streams.

Based off of Stanley & Trial 1984. Here's their abstract,

A Habitat Suitability Index model was developed by evaluating suitability indices of 17 environmental variables that have been shown to affect productivity or survival of nonmigratory feshwater life history stages of Atlantic salmon. These stages included egg, embryo, fry, and parr, but not smolt. During summer base flows, the most suitable habitats had temperatures of 16-19 C, oxygen percent saturation exceeding 60%, and pH between 5.5 and 6.8. The most suitable current velocity was 10-30 cm/s for fry and 10-40 cm/s for parr. The most suitable depth was 10-40 cm for fry, and 20-50 cm for parr. The Habitat Suitability Index model is useful for evaluating stream habitat for productive and survival of juvenile Atlantic salmon when these variables cannot practically be measured directly.