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This repository provides a series of commands, templates, and generators for various metadata types. It is bundled with the salesforcedx plugin.

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Getting Started

To use, install the Salesforce CLI and run the following commands.

Verify the CLI is installed
  $ sfdx (-v | --version)
Install the salesforcedx plugin
  $ sfdx plugins:install salesforcedx
To run a command
  $ sfdx [command]

To build the plugin locally, make sure to have yarn installed and run the following commands:

Clone the repository
  $ git clone git@github.com:forcedotcom/salesforcedx-templates.git
Install the dependencies and compile
  $ yarn install
  $ yarn prepack
Link your plugin to the sfdx cli
  $ sfdx plugins:link .
To verify
  $ sfdx plugins
  salesforcedx-templates 0.0.0 (link) /Users/a.jha/Documents/repos/salesforcedx-templates


Debugging your plugin

We recommend using the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) IDE for your plugin development. Included in the .vscode directory of this plugin is a launch.json config file, which allows you to attach a debugger to the node process when running your commands.

To debug the hello:org command:

If you linked your plugin to the sfdx cli, call your command with the dev-suspend switch:

$ sfdx hello:org -u myOrg@example.com --dev-suspend

Alternatively, to call your command using the bin/run script, set the NODE_OPTIONS environment variable to --inspect-brk when starting the debugger:

$ NODE_OPTIONS=--inspect-brk bin/run hello:org -u myOrg@example.com
  1. Set some breakpoints in your command code
  2. Click on the Debug icon in the Activity Bar on the side of VS Code to open up the Debug view.
  3. In the upper left hand corner of VS Code, verify that the "Attach to Remote" launch configuration has been chosen.
  4. Hit the green play button to the left of the "Attach to Remote" launch configuration window. The debugger should now be suspended on the first line of the program.
  5. Hit the green play button at the top middle of VS Code (this play button will be to the right of the play button that you clicked in step #5).

    Congrats, you are debugging!


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