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    npm version Project Status: Active - The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.

    Extension of HtmlWebpackPlugin with templates for generating Salesforce metadata.


    npm i -D jade jade-loader salesforce-template-webpack-plugin

    Example configuration


    const path = require('path');
    const SalesforceTemplateWebpackPlugin =
    const PACKAGE_DIR = path.join(__dirname, 'pkg');
    // ...
    const webpackConfig = {
        output: {
            path: 'dist',
            filename: 'index_bundle.js'
        module: {
            // required for jade templates
            loaders: [{
                test: /\.jade$/,
                loader: 'jade?pretty=true'
        plugins: {
            new SalesforceTemplateWebpackPlugin({
                outputDir: PACKAGE_DIR,
                files: [{
                    template: 'SinglePageApp'

    Plugin Options

    These are the minimal plugin options. Template-specific options are listed in the following section.

    • outputDir: Path to the base output directory for generated files. Required.
    • distDir: Path to where the plugin will package resources as a StaticResource zip.
    • files: [...] An array of template options (see below). Required.
    • meta: true | false If true, also generate corresponding *-meta.xml files and package.xml. Default is true


    The plugin includes a few default Jade/EJS templates.

    • template: Name of a template. Required.
    • apiName: A unique API name for assigning filenames and any references from within templates. Default is the value of template
    • apiVersion: Salesforce API version of the metadata. Default is 36.0
    A minimal example
    new SalesforceTemplateWebpackPlugin({
        files: [{
            template: '<template name>',
            // additional template options


    A bare-bones Visualforce page and Apex remoting controller for use as a "single page" web app.

    • title: Title of the page. Default is 'Visualforce App'
    • mobile: true | false Configure the page as mobile-ready. Default is false
    • baseHref: Set
    • unsupportedBrowser: true | false Display a message on unsupported browsers. Default is false
    • appMountId: Create a div element with the id given.
    • appMountIds: [...] Create div elements with the ids given.
    • window: {...} Extend the global window object with defined key-values.
    • devServer: Path to directory where webpack-dev-server.js can be found.
    • googleAnalytics: {...} Google Analytics options:
      • trackingId: The account's tracking ID.
      • pageViewOnLoad: true | false Track page views on load. Default is false
    • controller: {...} | false Apex controller options:
      • apiName: API name of the controller. Default is 'Controller' appended to the base API name.
      • sharing: with | without Sets with/without sharing on the controller. Default is with.
      • testClass: true | false Also create a controller test class. Default is true


    npm i salesforce-template-webpack-plugin

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