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salesforce-alm plugin

The salesforce-alm plugin provides a series of commands to aid in development.

Install and Setup Development Environment


  1. Install node. (Recommend using brew - brew update;brew install node). The version should be version 6 or greater.
  2. Install the SFDX toolbelt
  3. Install gulp-cli using npm install --global gulp-cli.

Develpoment Steps

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Switch to the release branch if you are working on features that are going out in this release.
  3. Or, switch to the develop branch if you are working on features that are going out in the next release.
  4. npm install to bring in all the dependencies.
  5. Make changes to the code in the src folder.
  6. Invoke gulp compile to transpile your changes and output them in the dist folder.


If you are lazy to invoke gulp compile each time, you can do gulp watch which will run the compilation in the background.

If you are using VSCode, you can do Cmd + Shfit +B instead of using gulp watch.

If you are using IntelliJ, be sure to configure it to watch the src folder.

Running tests

Unit tests npm test

For more information refer to the setup guide.