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    Niteo Salary Calculator

    A web app to calculate a salary of a Niteo employee. Written in Elm programming language it runs entirely on the client side. You can see it in action on


    npm install salary-calculator


    There are several scenarios. Pick the one that suits you the best.

    Serve from a sub-directory

    Assuming you have a website at with content served from the public/ directory and want the calculator to be available at, the easiest way is to copy (or link) the dist directory, like this:

    cp -r node_modules/salary-calculator/dist/ public/salary-calculator

    Embedding in custom HTML document

    If you want to customize the stylesheet or want to embed it in your own HTML page, the easiest way is again to copy the dist/ directory and then use a <script> tag to import the dist/salary-calculator.js script. It exposes a global variable SalaryCalculator referencing the object with init method. This method takes a single argument - an HTML node where the app should be mounted. You also have to provide a Bootstrap compatible stylesheet. The complete HTML can look like this:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">
        <title>Salary Calculator custom integration</title>
        <script src="salary-calculator/salary-calculator.js" charset="utf-8">
        <div id="salary-calculator-container">
        <script charset="utf-8">

    Using CommonJS or ES6 modules

    You can also use it as a CommonJS module:

    const SalaryCalculator = require("salary-calculator");

    or ES6:

    import * as SalaryCalculator from "salary-calculator"

    This way it won't set any globals. The variable will be scoped to the module. Also you don't need to copy anything - just install and import. Otherwise it works the same as the HTML script tag.

    What is the purpose of this project?

    At Niteo we believe in open and fair way of doing business. That's why the salary system is completely transparent. Using this app you can see who earns how much and why. We hope other companies can use it for the same purpose.


    Contributions are welcome.


    You need to have Nix installed. Once you do, running nix-shell will drop you into a shell that has all the tooling required for development ready for you.

    Additionally, to not have to remember to run nix-shell you can install and you will be dropped into the Nix shell automatically when cd-ing into the project.

    Local development

    1. git clone && cd salarycalc

    2. nix-shell or direnv allow.

    3. To start development server with hot reloading run make run.

    4. To update currency rates, base salaries and location factors, run make config.

    5. When you are happy with your code, run make to compile a production-optimized code in dist/ directory.

      It will also run tests (with coverage analysis) and linters.


    Thanks for your interest in our project. We are open to learn about any issues and for your pull requests.


    npm i salary-calculator

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