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Trying to save you from configuration. This project is not meant to be everything, but a nice place to start.

Some information you should know before starting:

Setting up the port for production right now is hardcoded to 5000 becuase I wanted this project to work with Dokku from the start.

Please refer to the notes in config.js and src/server/index.js

Running this application for development

npm install
sal -rd

Deploying with Dokku

After you have set up your Dokku server please follow these instructions

Using the sal commandline tool:

npm install sal -g
-------------------------- Sal --------------------------
          use "sal --help" to see all options
  --run, -r   Run a sal application - `sal --run <path>`
  --test, -t  Run your tests
  --new, -n   Create a new Sal project - `sal --new <path>`
  --dev, -d   Set process.env.NODE_ENV to dev
  --prod, -p  Set process.env.NODE_ENV to production
  --kill, -k  Kill all Sal servers (This maps to pm2)
  --help      Show help


By default you get React (JSX), ES6, Typescript, Expressjs, Mocha, and Karma.

VS Code

Meant to be used with vscode, with these settings. More to come on this.

  • Supports build and test vscode commands