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Sajari Website integration (HTML & JavaScript)

Sajari Search is a hosted search and recommendation service supporting instant search, various recommendations widgets and automatic content indexing.

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This library is UMD compatible, you can use it with any module loader.

If you don't use a module loader, it will export an SJ method into the window object. This is the default install code shown in your Sajari control panel.


To install:

npm install sajari-website --save

This module is designed for browser integration. It is a wrapper for the base Sajari API module that automatically integrates several key functions:

Automatic indexing

  • Each page view pings back to Sajari to automatically index new & changed page data
  • Feed recommendations widgets with popularity, recency data
  • See more information on Indexing options

Rendering HTML search widgets

  • Simple HTML markup can be used to create powerful search or recommendation integrations
  • Default CSS can be used or modified
  • Rendering options can be controlled easily


Simple search integration using an overlay to display results:

<input type="search" data-sj-search-query />


Search integration displaying 5 results within the page (note: results can be placed anywhere):

<input type="search" data-sj-search-query data-sj-maxresults="5" />
<div data-sj-search-results ></div>

Advanced example: Search integration favouring recent and local results, filtering to show only the "bike" category, displaying within the page (note: results can be placed anywhere):

<input type="search" data-sj-search-query data-sj-search-recent data-sj-local data-sj-filter="category,bike" />
<div data-sj-search-results ></div>

Rendering HTML recommendations widgets


Related (to current page) recommendations integration:

<div data-sj-related></div>


Popular (site wide) recommendations integration:

<div data-sj-popular></div>


Related recommendations integration with 3 results, limited to pages where the URL contains "comedy", favour local results (works if pages have a lat-lng):

<div data-sj-related data-sj-local data-sj-maxresults="3" data-sj-filters="~url,comedy"></div>

JavaScript API functionality

  • JavaScript API functionality is wrapped to provide some additional functionality, such as adding in user profile and usage information to recommendation requests
  • See more information on JavaScript functionality