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Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nodeular Transport Number 5 - Expose Johnny-Five objects via Spacebrew for fun and profit!

Code Example

var five = require("johnny-five"),
    saint = require("saint-five");

saint.connect();   // Connect to Spacebrew

var board = new five.Board();

board.on( "ready", function() {
  // Wire johnny-five objects to Spacebrew by calling
  // saint.wire and pass the object to be connected
  saint.wire( new five.Button( 2 ) ); 
  saint.wire( new five.Led( 13 ) ); 

By default this will create a connection to the public Spacebrew Admin interface. Any johnny-five objects connected will have their appropriate inputs and outputs revealed in the interface ready to be wired as you wish!

To connect to another server: saint.connect({ server: 'http://localhost/' })

Supported Johnny-Five Devices

  • LED (boolean)
  • Button (boolean)
  • Partial Servo support (min and max are exposed)
  • Nodebot (Using Device Orientation data from the spacebrew-utils Sensor utility)


  • Support more Johnny-Five devices!
  • Inject J5 objects into REPL in examples