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Command Line Interface for Sailthru API as per

CLI command is divided into 3 parts:

  • VERB: GET / DELETE / POST [Case insensitive; if non of them then, uses GET]
  • Action: Any valid actions listed on
  • Payload Valid JSON payload like: {"email": ""}


npm install sailthru-cli -g

If node is not installed, install it from


Usage without config file

sailthru-cli --key *** --secret ***

Usage with config file

sailthru-cli --config ~/client.1226.json

If --url is not defined in the command or apiUrl is not present in the config file then, by default https://api.sailthru,com will be used which in most of the cases should work

Config File

    "apiKey": "****",
    "apiSecret": "***",
    "apiUrl": ""

JSON Payload

Valid Payload

{"email": ""}

Invalid Payload

{'email': ""}