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SailsJS Blueprint with Swig Template Engine

This is sails app blueprint to work with swig template instead of ejs. Read more informations about Sails Js and Swig


Ensure you have Sails installed globally.

$ npm install -g sails


$ sudo npm install -g sails

Clone this repo.

$ git clone sails-swig

CD to the cloned repo and start the server.

$ cd sails-swig
$ sails lift

If you want to restart the app on file changes, you can use forever to start the app. We've added .tmp and www folder to forever ignore list.

$ forever -w start app.js


Non-Sails Dependencies

  • Swig
  • Grunt
  • Grunt Contrib Watch
  • Grunt Contrib Clean
  • Grunt SASS
  • Grunt Sync
  • Grunt Export
  • Node Import

Configuring Swig

Swig configuration is located at config/swig.js. You can change the swig configs there, adding scripts and styles to automatically injected to the layout.

Configuring Grunt

You can add/change/remove tasks configs by editing files inside grunt/configs/. You can add/change/remove tasks by editing /grunt/init.js

Adding bower components

Installed bower libs located at library folder. You can add the installed libraries to the public/scripts/com.libs.js to makes the libraries compiled in one file, and automatically switched to minified version on production environtment. Example:

Installing Libraries

bower install --save jquery short-sass

Importing Libraries


(function(global) {
    '@import $root/library/jquery/dist/jquery.js';
    $(document).ready(function() {
        console.log('Document is ready');


@import '../../library/short-sass/dist/short-sass';
@include normalize;
@include reset;


2015/05/24 v1.1.5 "Adding www to gitignore, change grunt-watch config, and adding local data." 2015/05/24 v1.1.4 "Adding pattern to .foreverignore" 2015/05/24 v1.1.3 "Adding .foreverignore and updating readme"