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Shared utilities between sails, waterline, etc.


See docs.

Coming changes:

  • async
  • lodash
  • optimist
  • fs-extra
  • node-switchback
  • json-stringify-safe
  • underscore.str
  • core node util

Most of these extra dependencies will be stripped in an upcoming version, in favor of requiring those dependencies directly in your app instead. This will make this module more lighweight and make all the things install and load faster.

Notable exceptions:
  • Certain commonly-used parts of underscore.str, e.g. _.str.capitalize
    • (but these will be cherry-picked and bundled rather than including the entire dep)
  • json-stringify-safe will likely stay a dependency.
Things to add:
  • I'd like to bundle a few of the most commonly used methods from momentjs.