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simple but extensible tools for switching setup of your sailsjs project.


Since starting to use sailsjs for development we repeatedly had issues with using our favourite techniques in a freshly created sailsjs project. We've started with a patch but this approach isn't working out for long and renders inappropriate when trying to use parts of what is done by that patch, only.

Why not create a sails-generator?

Sails generators are obviously designed to create folders and write files from templates. That's completely insufficient for what this tool is made for.

Why not use yeoman or sth. similar?

This tool is considered to work after scaffolding sailsjs project using the generators that come with sailsjs itself. yeoman is a scaffolding tool on its own. It's waste of resources to have another scaffolding framework installed to complete the work of some other framework having scaffolded stuff before.

Important Notes

These tools without any warranty. You should use them after having backed up your project, only. Use some version control system!

Tools are basically tested on freshly created sailsjs projects. They might fail on mature projects having survived several manual revisions of build files etc.


  • npm install -g sails-qualify


  • sails-qualify bower

This qualifier adds bower for managing client side assets.

  • sails-qualify scss

This qualifier is trying to switch your existing sailsjs project to work with SCSS instead of LESS.

  • sails-qualify pug

This qualifier switches views to be written in pug (fka jade) instead of ejs.

  • sails-qualify angular2

TO BE ADDED: This qualifier is setting up support for angular2 based client side application compile using ahead-of-time compiler ngc.


This tool is supporting extensions implicitly whenever user tries to enter some command that isn't part of core implementation. E.g. on trying to enter command mymodifier which isn't part of core the tool is trying to require dependency module named sails-qualify-mymodifier. This module is considered to export a function to be invoked with three arguments:

  1. instance of Vorpal used to manage CLI interactions
  2. all libraries of core implementation incl. tools for managing files and folders
  3. provided set of qualified arguments

The method might return promise on starting some asynchronous process.

Any such module must be installed using npm prior to invoking it as described.




npm i sails-qualify

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