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a postgreSQL adapter for Waterline and Sails.js

PostgreSQL Sails/Waterline Adapter

A Waterline adapter for PostgreSQL. May be used in a Sails app or anything using Waterline for the ORM.

Install is through NPM.

$ npm install sails-postgresql

The following config options are available along with their default values:

config: {
  database: 'databaseName',
  host: 'localhost',
  user: 'root',
  password: '',
  port: 5432,
  pool: false

Test are written with mocha. Integration tests are handled by the waterline-adapter-tests project, which tests adapter methods against the latest Waterline API.

To run tests:

$ npm test

Waterline is a new kind of storage and retrieval engine. It provides a uniform API for accessing stuff from different kinds of databases, protocols, and 3rd party APIs. That means you write the same code to get users, whether they live in mySQL, LDAP, MongoDB, or Facebook.

To learn more visit the project on GitHub at Waterline.