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A simple library for reactive programming

Saibo lets you make a network of cells (like a key-value store).

Cells can either hold a value, or a formula that derives their value from other cells.

Cells can trigger event listeners when their values change.

Formulas can use values from other cells, with their values updating and triggering event handler when cells they depend on change.

Cells can have a timer function to set their value at a regular interval.

var cells = new Saibo();
cells.set('width', 10);
cells.set('height', 10);
console.log(cells.val('width')); // 10 
// calculate area from width * height 
  .formula(function(width, height){
    return width * height;
  }, ['width','height']);
// when area changes, call function 
cells.on('area', function(x){
  console.log('Area', x);
cells.set('width', 20);
// Area 200 
cells.on('time', function(x){
cells.set('time', 0)
  .timer(1000, function(){
    return Number(this.val()) + 1;