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    A set of javascript most used utils.

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    Getting started.

    • Install: npm i sagittarius-core
    const { random, isEmpty } = require('sagittarius-core')
    // Or install needed utils separately
    // const random =  require('sagittarius-random')
    // check if argument is empty
    console.log(isEmpty({})) // true
    // get a random nr
    console.log(random(12, 21))

    Or use via cdn:

    <script src=""></script>
      // check if argument is empty
      console.log(sagittarius.isEmpty({ a: 21 })) // false
      // get a random nr
      console.log(sagittarius.random(12, 21))

    See more utils in description below

    Data generation

    • random: Random number generation from range
    • uniqueId: Generates a unique ID. If prefix is given, the ID is appended to it.
    • range: Creates an array of numbers (positive and/or negative) progressing from start up to, but not including, end. A step of -1 is used if a negative start is specified without an end or step. If end is not specified, it's set to start with start then set to 0.

    Data validation

    • isEmpty: Check if provided argument is empty
    • has: Checks if path is a direct property of provided argument.

    Data transformation

    • toNumber: Transform provided argument to number
    • toPath: Transform provided argument to a property path array

    Data sorting

    • uniq: Filter and return uniq values from an array
    • get: Gets the value at path of provided argument. If the resolved value is undefined, the defaultValue is returned in its place.
    • difference: Compare 2 arguments and return the difference. The order and references of result values are determined by the first argument.

    Data manipulation

    • debounce: Creates a debounced function that delays invoking func until after wait milliseconds have elapsed since the last time the debounced function was invoked.
    • set: Sets the value at path of provided argument. If a portion of path doesn't exist, it's created. Return true or false if value is set with success.


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