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A simple and lightweight NodeJS wrapper for SauceNAO.

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yarn add sagiri
# or with npm
npm install sagiri


const sagiri = require("sagiri");

const client = sagiri("token");
const results = await client("");

sagiri is a function that returns an async function, so you can call it and store it in a variable to use multiple times, or you can call it and use it immediately.

Sagiri also has the ability to provide options both when calling the main function, and the given async function.

const client = sagiri("client", { results: 10 });
const results = await client("", { mask: [5] });


sagiri(token: string, defaultOptions?: Options)
Creates a function to be used for finding potential sources for a given image.
By default has options set to give 5 results from SauceNAO.

You can get a token for SauceNAO by registering an account and going to the API page.

Returns async function (file: File, optionOverrides?: Options) which is loaded with the given token and default options to use.


Options takes the form of a simple object passed to either the constructor function or the request function, which covers the options available in the SauceNAO API.

A basic overview of this object looks like this:

  results?: number;
  mask?: number[];
  excludeMask?: number[];
  testMode?: boolean;
  db?: number;
  • results controls how many results are returned from SauceNAO.
  • mask is an array of the only database indices you want returned from SauceNAO. A mask of [5] would only return results from Pixiv.
  • excludeMask is like mask, but instead of only including the indices you give, it excludes them from the results - allowing everything but those indices. For example, a mask of [5] would disallow results from Pixiv.
  • testMode causes each index that has a match for the given image to output at most 1 result. Useful for testing some things.
  • db searches a specific database index without having to generate a mask.


Any contributions to this project are welcome, but please be sure to read over our contributing guidelines.


The code contained within this repository is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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