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    safe-wipe npm version

    Safely wipe a folder.


    This is the perfect library for when you want to wipe a folder with user's confirmation.

    • If the folder is empty (or contains only useless files like .DS_Store or Thumbs.db as configured with config.ignore), the folder will be removed without asking anything.
    • If config.force is set to true, wipe anyway.
    • If the session is not interactive, raise an exception.
    • Prompt the user for confirmation, and raise an exception if the answer is negative.

    You can configure the following variables:

    Name Description Default
    stdin, stdout, stderr Streams to use for I/O. process.* streams
    ignore An array of files to ignore when checking if a directory is empty. .DS_Store and Thumbs.db
    parent A (supposed) parent directory of the directory to wipe. If the parent is contained in the directory to wipe, the process will be aborted in all cases.
    interactive Whether the session is interactive. true
    force Whether to force the wipe if the folder is not empty. false
    silent The error messages are not printed if this is set to true. false
    messages An object of messages for user prompt and error display.

    The messages are:

    Name Description
    contained Error message when the folder to wipe is contained in the configured parent folder.
    confirm Text to prompt the user to confirm the (not empty) directory wipe.
    abort Error message when the user refuses to wipe the folder.

    The function is asynchronous and return a promise. Nothing is passed to the success function, but you'll get an Error instance in the error function. It can have the following code property:

    Code Description
    CONTAINED Refused to remove the directory since it's containing the supposed parent.
    ABORT The user aborted the operation (or we're not in an interactive session and config.force is false).


    Simple usage

    var safeWipe = require('safe-wipe');
    safeWipe('directory', {
      parent: __dirname,
      messages: {
        abort: 'Nope.',
    }).then(function () {
      console.log('Successfully removed!');
    }, function (e) {
      console.error(e.message, e.code);

    Bind a config object

    var mySafeWipe = safeWipe({
      interactive: false,
    mySafeWipe('some-directory').then(function () {
      // ...
    mySafeWipe('another-directory', {
      force: true,




    npm i safe-wipe

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