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How to use

Include like normal. The original code is also 100% compatible with Closure Compiler.

// Bind your event listeners first
// This callback takes no arguments
sHistory.addEventListener(function () {
  // Get the page number, returns string

  // Get the page number, returns a number (int and integer do the same)
  sHistory.getState('page_number', 'number');

  // Get this value from the hash, returns boolean
  sHistory.getState('is_full_screen', 'boolean');

  // Get this value from the hash, returns a floating point number
  sHistory.getState('amount_of_money', 'float');

  // This value is not in the hash, so null is returned

  // This value is reserved for use with the fallback in IE7 and always returns null

  // Push a state, adding to the current state
  sHistory.pushState('my_state', 1);

  // Push a boolean value
  sHistory.pushState('is_ok', true);
  // To retrieve this back as a boolean (and not as a string 'true'):
  sHistory.getState('is_ok', 'bool');

  // Push a state and remove all other states
  sHistory.pushState('page', 'begin', false);

  // Push a set of states, merging with the current state
  sHistory.pushStates({'page': 'begin', 'is_ok': true});

  // Push a set of states, removing all other states
  sHistory.pushStates({'page': 'begin', 'is_ok': true}, false);

  // Remove all states (hash changes to #)

// Start the history (required)