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AWS S3 Image Uploader

Documentation for s3-uploader@1.1 can be found here.

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Flexible and efficient image resize, rename, and upload to Amazon S3 disk storage. Uses the official AWS Node SDK, and im-resize and im-metadata for image processing.

Overview of image upload to AWS S3


All changes are documentated on the releases page. Changes for latest release can be found here.


npm install s3-uploader --save


  • Node.JS >= v4.0.0
  • ImageMagic >= v6.8


var Upload = require('s3-uploader');

new Upload(string awsBucketName, object opts)

  • string awsBucketName - name of Amazon S3 bucket
  • object opts - global upload options
    • object cleanup

      • boolean original - remove original image after successful upload (default: false)
      • boolean versions - remove thumbnail versions after sucessful upload (default: false)
    • boolean returnExif - return exif data for original image (default false)

    • string url - custom public url (default build from region and awsBucketName)

    • object aws - see note

      • string region - region for you bucket (default us-east-1)
      • string path - path within your bucket (default "")
      • string acl - default ACL for uploaded images (default private)
      • string accessKeyId - AWS access key ID override
      • string secretAccessKey - AWS secret access key override
    • object resize

      • string path - local directory for resized images (default: same as original image)
      • string prefix - local file name prefix for resized images (default: "")
      • integer quality - default quality for resized images (default: 70)
    • object[] versions

      • string suffix - image file name suffix (default "")
      • number quality - image resize quality
      • string format - force output image file format (default format of original image)
      • number maxWidth - max width for resized image
      • number maxHeight - max height for resized image
      • string aspect - force aspect ratio for resized image (example: 4:3
      • string background - set background for transparent images (example: red)
      • boolean flatten - flatten backgrund for transparent images
      • string awsImageAcl - access control for AWS S3 upload (example: private)
      • number awsImageExpires - add Expires header to image version
      • number awsImageMaxAge - add Cache-Control: max-age header to image version
    • object original

      • string awsImageAcl - access control for AWS S3 upload (example: private)
      • number awsImageExpires - add Expires header to image version
      • number awsImageMaxAge - add Cache-Control: max-age header to image version
    • function randomPath - custom random path function

AWS note

The aws object is passed directly to aws-sdk. You can add any of these options in order to fine tune the connection – if you know what you are doing.


var client = new Upload('my_s3_bucket', {
  aws: {
    path: 'images/',
    region: 'us-east-1',
    acl: 'public-read'
  cleanup: {
    versions: true,
    original: false
  original: {
    awsImageAcl: 'private'
  versions: [{
    maxHeight: 1040,
    maxWidth: 1040,
    format: 'jpg',
    suffix: '-large',
    quality: 80,
    awsImageExpires: 31536000,
    awsImageMaxAge: 31536000
    maxWidth: 780,
    aspect: '3:2!h',
    suffix: '-medium'
    maxWidth: 320,
    aspect: '16:9!h',
    suffix: '-small'
    maxHeight: 100,
    aspect: '1:1',
    format: 'png',
    suffix: '-thumb1'
    maxHeight: 250,
    maxWidth: 250,
    aspect: '1:1',
    suffix: '-thumb2'

#upload(string src, object opts, function cb)

  • string src - path to the image you want to upload

  • object opts

    • string awsPath - override the path on AWS set through opts.aws.path
    • string path - set absolute path for uploaded image (disables random path)
  • function cb - callback function (Error err, object[] versions, object meta)

    • Error err - null if everything went fine
    • object[] versions - original and resized images with path/location
    • object meta - metadata for original image


client.upload('/some/image.jpg', {}, function(err, versions, meta) {
  if (err) { throw err; }
  versions.forEach(function(image) {
    console.log(image.width, image.height, image.url);
    // 1024 760 https://my-bucket.s3.amazonaws.com/path/110ec58a-a0f2-4ac4-8393-c866d813b8d1.jpg


+-- B
    `-- C
    `-- D
    `-- E

Where A is the original image uploaded by the user. An mpc image is created, B,
which is used to crate the thumbnails C, D, and E.


Individuals making significant and valuable contributions are made Collaborators and given commit-access to the project. These individuals are identified by the existing Collaborators and their addition as Collaborators is discussed as a pull request to this project's README.md.

Note: If you make a significant contribution and are not considered for commit-access log an issue or contact one of the Collaborators directly.

MIT License

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