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    S3 SPA Upload

    Upload a Single Page Application (React, Angular, Vue, ...) to S3 with the right content-type and cache-control meta-data

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    This requires the following AWS S3 permissions (see sample CloudFormation policy template below):

    • s3:PutObject on objects in your bucket
    • s3:ListBucket on your bucket (only needed when using --delete option)
    • s3:DeleteObject on objects in your bucket (only needed when using --delete option)


    To install globally (recommended):

    npm install -g s3-spa-upload

    Command Line Usage

    Basic usage:

    s3-spa-upload dist-dir my-s3-bucket-name

    Clean-up old files

    To also clean up old files, use the --delete option. This will delete all files in the bucket that are not included in the current upload (limited to the supplied prefix, see below):

    s3-spa-upload dist-dir my-s3-bucket-name --delete

    Custom cache-control mapping

    You can provide your desired cache-control mapping in a json file that contains a mapping from glob patterns to cache-control headers:

        "index.html": "no-cache",
        "*.js": "public,max-age=31536000,immutable"

    Suppose your mapping file is called cache-control.json:

    s3-spa-upload dist-dir my-s3-bucket-name --cache-control-mapping cache-control.json

    If you don't provide a custom mapping, the default will be used, which should be okay for most SPA's, see below.

    Upload to a prefix

    By default the SPA will be uploaded to the root of your S3 bucket. If you don't want this, specify the prefix to use:

    s3-spa-upload dist-dir my-s3-bucket-name --prefix mobile

    Note that when used in conjunction with --delete, this means only old files matching that same prefix will be deleted.

    Programmatic Usage

    import s3SpaUpload from 's3-spa-upload';
    // const s3SpaUpload = require('s3-spa-upload')
    s3SpaUpload('dir', 'bucket').catch(console.error);
    // Can supply options:
    const options = {
        delete: true,
        prefix: 'mobile',
        cacheControlMapping: {
            'index.html': 'no-cache',
            '*.js': 'public,max-age=31536000,immutable',
        awsCredentials: {
            accessKeyId: '...'
            secretAccessKey: '...'
            sessionToken: '...'
    s3SpaUpload('dir', 'bucket', options).catch(console.error);

    Default Cache-Control settings

    File/ext Cache setting Description
    index.html no-cache
    css public,max-age=31536000,immutable As long as possible
    js public,max-age=31536000,immutable As long as possible
    png public,max-age=86400 One day
    ico public,max-age=86400 One day
    txt public,max-age=86400 One day

    Content-Type settings

    Based on file extensions using

    AWS Policy Template

    This CloudFormation IAM Policy template grants the needed permissions:

    - Version: "2012-10-17"
          - Effect: Allow # This effect is only needed when using the --delete option
              Action: s3:ListBucket
              Resource: arn:aws:s3:::your-bucket-name
          - Effect: Allow
                - s3:DeleteObject # This action is only needed when using the --delete option
                - s3:PutObject
              Resource: arn:aws:s3:::your-bucket-name/*


    npm i s3-spa-upload

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