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I have published new test suite rxSandbox, recommends it instead of this module.


RxJS v5 provides implementation to its test scheduler but there are some questions related how to set it up to actually create test using those, similar to test coverages in RxJS's repo. There are currently ongoing effort to revise those interfaces more friendly manner which'll remove churns eventually, meanwhile this package provides small utility function to setup test scheduler instances without knowning internals of how did fixture setup in source of library.


This has a peer dependencies of rxjs@5.*.*, which will have to be installed as well

npm install rxjs-testscheduler-bootstrapper


You can import createTestScheduler function serves as factroy function to create testscheduler and helper functions.

import { createTestScheduler } from 'rxjs-testscheduler-bootstrapper';
const { scheduler, hot, cold, expectObservable } = createTestScheduler();
const v1 = hot ('--a--b--|');
const v2 = cold('--1--2--|');
const value = v1.concatMap(() => v2);

TestScheduler internally uses chai's assertion to compare marble based observable diagrams and it can be overridden if needed

const customMatcher = (actual: Array<any>, expected: Array<any>) => {
  //do own assertion as needed
//now `expectObservable` will use customMatcher instead
const s = createTestScheduler(customMatcher);


  • I saw RxJS's test codes are not doing scheduler.flush() for each tests. Why do I need to do that?

: RxJS repo uses own test ui for mocha patches test execution suite does creation / flushing test scheduler instance. There isn't single & simple approach to make those patch works on various test runner so if you'd like to have it, you may need to setup test fixture for your own test runner.

  • I want v4's scheduler interface like scheduler::advanceTo() but scheduler doesn't have those interface

: Check https://github.com/kwonoj/rxjs-testscheduler-compat for those purpose.

Building / Testing

Few npm scripts are supported for build / test code.

  • build: Transpiles code to ES5 commonjs to dist.
  • build:clean: Clean up existing build
  • test: Run unit test. Does not require build before execute test.
  • test:cover: Run code coverage against test cases
  • lint: Run lint over all codebases
  • lint:staged: Run lint only for staged changes. This'll be executed automatically with precommit hook.
  • commit: Commit wizard to write commit message

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