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rxjs-endWith provides custom operator endWith for RxJS v5, appends specified value at the end of source emission. This operator behaves opposite way of startWith operator.

This module intended to provide simple, working example of creating custom operator without need of upstream PR to try to change core api surfaces. RxJS v5 and further version tries to reduce core api surface as much and strongly recommend user level custom operator module for extended behaviors. Featurewise, endWith can be simply achieved via concat operator in most cases so probably won't need to use this module directly.

Additional detailed walkthrough of creating custom operator can be found at core repo's guide as well as this post.


This has a peer dependencies of rxjs@5.*.*, which will have to be installed as well

npm install rxjs-endwith


rxjs-endWith does not patch / augment Observable directly, instead provide higher order function as let-able manner.

import * as Rx from 'rxjs';
import { endWith } from 'rxjs-endwith';
const values = [];
Rx.Observable.of(1, 2, 3).let(endWith(4)).subscribe(values.push.bind(values));
console.log(values); //1,2,3,4

Operator's signature is exactly identical to startWith and can supply multiple values or schedulers as well.

.let(endWith(4, 5, 6))...
.let(endWith(5, Rx.Scheduler.asap))...

Building / Testing

Few npm scripts are supported for build / test code.

  • build: Transpiles code to ES5 commonjs to dist.
  • build:clean: Clean up existing build
  • test: Run unit test. Does not require build before execute test.
  • lint: Run lint over all codebases
  • lint:staged: Run lint only for staged changes. This'll be executed automatically with precommit hook.
  • commit: Commit wizard to write commit message


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