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Just the runtime part of jade. If you compile jade templates at development time and then deploy the compiled source, you probably only need this module as a runtime dependency. This is a huge win for download size.

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npm install runtime-jade


merge(a, b)

Merge two attributes objects (a and b) giving precedence to values in the second (b) then return the first (a).

Classes are special cased by being merged, rather than replaced, if they occur in both objects.

attrs(attributes, escaped)

Render the given attributes object to a string of html. Escaped should contain a map of property names onto true if they need escaping or false if they do not need escaping.


Escape the given string and return an HTML safe string.

rethrow(err, filename, lineno, [source])

Attempt to add as much information as possible to an error message, before re-throwing it.