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Runt - Grunt without the "Geee why does it do that" Build Status

Runt is a simple website development tool that helps you:

  • UglifyJS your scripts
  • Compile your LessCSS styles
  • Compile your Pistachio templates
  • Compile you CommonJS Scripts into a single script for the browser (browserify light)

It can do that simpler than Grunt and in addition it can Monitor your filesystem for changes and do a rebuild when necessary. Further more it will analyze the dependencies in templates (like partials) and less files (imports) that should trigger a rebuild. So even if you change an included File, it will trigger a rebuild on change.

So it becomes a painless experience to develop with Less, Templates and JavaScript. So you can use the same HTML code in development as in production it uses Sourcemaps (thanks to Uglify).


npm install -g runt


runt [--config=<config-file>] [--quiet] [--build] [--watch] [--show-config]

The default for --config is ./runt.json

Now grows support is also available. If the growl node module is available and functional it is used to also display a notification when a build item is completed.