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A new way for process managing

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What is?

Runnerty is a process orchestrator, an open source tool written in Node.js which allows you to manage and plan workflows and processes. Focus on the business logic and keep yourself away of dependencies between processes, data exchange, schedule jobs and error notifications.

Install and configure it in a few minutes to manage the processes that you already have developed. Instantly, you will have a powerful monitoring system with notifications of your workflows, logs system, and much more.


npm install -g runnerty


You can download the quick start project and start managing your projects Quick start repo!


Want to know more? have a look at the documentation here!


Carlos Carmona

José Antonio Ruiz

Alvaro Quirós

Rafa Prats

Antonio Genaro

David Rodríguez López

Alberto Gómez

Contributors are more than welcome. If you want to help please have a look to the contributing guide