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    RuneScape Text

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    Convert text to a text image with RuneScape chat effects.

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    More examples
    Default styling
    Free armor trimming!
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    Refer to this wikiHow guide on How to Write Text Effects on RuneScape.

    Getting started

    npm i runescape-text


    npx runescape-text "wave:glow3: hello world"
    const fs = require("fs");
    const getRuneScapeText = require("runescape-text");
    async function main() {
      const string = "wave:glow3: hello world";
      const options = { showLogs: true };
      const { extension, buffer } = getRuneScapeText(string, options);
      fs.writeFileSync(`./runescape-text.${extension}`, await buffer);


    getRuneScapeText(string, [options], [wordWrapOptions]);


    Parameter Type Required Default Description
    string string Yes none Text to convert
    options Object No {} Options to configure script behavior
    wordWrapOptions Object No {} Options to configure word-wrap behavior


    Property Type Required Default Description
    version string No "osrs" Game version to use, either: osrs or rs3
    color string No "yellow" Default color effect of the text, either: yellow, red, green, cyan, purple, white, glow1, glow2, glow3, flash1, flash2, or flash3
    motion string No "none" Default motion effect of the text, either: none, wave, wave2, shake, scroll, or slide
    suffix string No ":" String that should suffix each color and motion string
    replacement string No "" String to replace characters the font does not support
    maxMessageLength number No 280 Max message length allowed after the string has been sanitized
    scale number No 2 Scale factor of the font (multiples of 16px), prefer integer values greater than or equal to 1, decimal values will render blurry text
    fps number No 20 Frames per second to render animations at, prefer integer values less than or equal to 60
    cycleDuration number No 3000 Duration in milliseconds of one cycle before the animation loops
    quality number No 100 Quality to render animations at, more information here
    showLogs boolean No false Determines whether to print runtime logs or not


    Property information can be found here. The defaults chosen by this module are listed below:

    Property Default
    width 50
    indent ""
    newline "\n"
    escape (str) => str.trimEnd()
    trim false
    cut false

    Return value

    The return value is an Object with the following properties:

    Property Type Description
    width number Image width
    height number Image height
    extension string File extension, either: png or gif
    buffer Promise<Buffer> Promise resulting in an image buffer


    Error Description
    InvalidArgumentError Thrown if required string argument is missing
    TypeError Thrown if argument type is unexpected
    ValueError Thrown if string is empty
    ValueError Thrown if the parsed message string is empty


    npm i runescape-text

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