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You will be able to use OS specific operations in npm scripts.

Who would want this?

If you have experienced the pain of trying to make npm scripts usable across different operating system, this package is for you! Looking at you rm and del!


npm install --save-dev run-script-os


Set run-script-os (or run-os) as the value of the npm script field that you want different functionality per OS. In the example below, we set test, but it can be any npm script. It also uses pre and post commands (explained more below).

Then create OS specific scripts. In the example below, you can see:

  • test:win32
  • test:linux:darwin
  • test:default

Those can have OS specific logic.


  "scripts": {
    "test": "run-script-os",
    "test:win32": "echo 'del whatever you want in Windows 32/64'",
    "test:darwin:linux": "echo 'You can combine OS tags and rm all the things!'",
    "test:default": "echo 'This will run on any platform that does not have its own script'"

Windows Output:

> npm test
del whatever you want in Windows 32/64

macOS and Linux Output:

> npm test
You can combine OS tags and rm all the things!


You can use the following aliases:

  • :windows - Alias for win32
  • :macos - Alias for darwin
  • :nix - This will run on anything considered to be a *nix OS (aix, darwin, freebsd, linux, openbsd, sunos, android)
  • :default - This will run if no platform-specific scripts are found

Override detection settings for linux-based shells on Windows

By default, run-script-os will detect cygwin/git bash as Windows. If you would rather your platform be detected as Linux under these environments:

Set environment variable:


NPM Scripts Order

When you call a script like npm test, npm will first call pretest if it exists. It will then call test, which, if you are using run-script-os, it will then call npm run test:YOUR OS, which in turn will call pretest:YOUR OS before actually running test:YOUR OS. Then posttest:YOUR OS will run, and then after that posttest will finally execute.

There is an example showing pre and post commands found in the package.json of this repository.

OS Options: darwin, freebsd, linux, sunos, win32

More information can be found in Node's process.platform and Node's os.platform().




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