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$ npm -g install run


$ runjs yourcode.js

What does it do?

runjs will rerun server.js whenever one of the watched files is changed. It ignores files in your .gitignore.

$ runjs server.js
Watching /Dropbox/dev/server.js and all sub-directories not excluded by your .gitignore
Found & ignored file.db ; is dotfile or has ignored extension

Starting: server.js
> Listening on http://localhost:8888/

No more switching to the terminal to rerun your code. Just change a file and your code will be rerun.

This is especially nice for web-servers, as you can skip the terminal and alt-tab to the browser to see your updated code happily running.


  • supports globs in .gitignore (e.g. *.log)
  • any arguments, including debug arguments, are relayed to your code
  • stdin is relayed to your code [not supported by nodemon as of 12/5/11]
  • files and directories in .gitignore are not watched, neither are dotfiles.
  • coffeescript is supported: runjs (by rockymeza)

Source at

Screenshot of runjs


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