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a straightforward streaming twitter client made for commandline, inspired by earthquake.


  • ncurses
  • node >= 0.8.0

installation (via npm)

global installation:

# npm install -g rumble@1.0

local installation

$ npm install rumble@1.0

note: local installation means you need to cd to appropriate directory and use node rumble to run the client.

installation (via git)

$ git clone git://
$ cd rumble
$ npm install

to run, use node rumble


run rumble the first time with the -a flag to initiate authorization.


note: default command prefix is :, adjust directions accordingly if you change the command prefix.

note: $xx should be substituted with the line id to execute the specified command on

  • <message> = tweet the specified message
  • :reply $xx <message> - :r $xx <message> - :$xx <message> = reply to the specified tweet with the specified message
  • :retweet $xx - :rt $xx = retweet the specified tweet
  • :favorite $xx - :fav $xx = favorite the specified tweet
  • :unfavorite $xx - :unfav $xx = unfavorite the specified tweet
  • :delete $xx - :del $xx = favorite the specified tweet
  • :link $xx = get a URL to view the specified tweet at
  • :quit - :q = quit rumble


MIT License

known problems

resize does not work due to an upstream node-ncurses problem. nothing I can do until node-ncurses handles resizing the main window properly. T_T


  • proper error notification (via statusbar, not console.error's pipe to error.log)
  • tweet search
  • highlighting (possibly notifications? could abuse libnotify for linux systems)
  • last mentions
  • on-the-fly filter management
  • tweet lookup (by id)
  • follow/unfollow user
  • block/unblock user
  • manage current blocks
  • view user profile
  • alter own profile
  • set avatar (?)
  • eval command (to allow for quick math operations or the like?)
  • get data for specific lineId (special data, like tweet id? mentioned users?)
  • increase flexibility, more configurability (scrolling, prompt text)