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Convert .rule files into .fst files.

Node Usage

Rulify takes two arguments, the first is the path to the RULE file, the second is the callback when complete.

const rulify = require('rulify');
rulify('main.rule', function(err, output) {
  // output is the path to the output file 

Specify Output

An optional second argument can be the output path for the FST file.

rulify('src/main.rule', 'rules/main.fst', function(err, output) {
  // file is saved 


There's an option to run rulify synchronously.

rulify.sync('src/main.rule', 'rules/main.fst');


Installing rulify globally (npm install -g rulify) will allow you to batch convert rule files to fst files.

Convert to FST

Convert a single file. Must specify the output directory (either -o or --output).

rulify -o rules src/main.rule 

Multiple files

Use the -o or --output argument to specify an output directory.

rulify --output rules src/*.rule
rulify -o rules src/*.rule

Convert Directory

Use the -i or --input argument to specify an input directory of files.

rulify --output rules --input src
rulify -o rules -i src