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Parser combinator library for TypeScript.




  • number
    • Tries to match a given number
  • string
    • Tries to match a given string
  • regex
    • Tries to match a given regex
  • whitespace
    • Tries to match one or more whitespaces (regex: /[\r\n\t\f\v ]+/)
  • word
    • Tries to match one or more words (regex: /[a-zA-Z0-9_]+/)
  • endOfInput
    • Checks if there is nothing left to parse otherwise it fails
  • endOfLine
    • Tries to match an end of line (either \r\n, \r or \n)
  • lazy
    • Takes a function that just returns a parser (a thunk). This defers the evaluation of the given parser. Useful for writing recursive parsers.
  • failure
    • Always returns a failing parser with the given errorMessage. Typically used inside a contextual parser.


  • sequenceOf
    • Accepts multiple parsers, which must all match successfully in the given order otherwise it fails.
  • many
    • Accepts a single parser, which may match zero or infinite times.
  • many1
    • Accepts a single parser, which must match at least once or infinite times otherwise it fails.
  • separatedBy
    • Tries to match a given value separated by a given separator
    • Only captures the value
  • anyOf
    • Tries to match all parsers and returns the first successful one.
  • optional
    • The given parser may or may not match. This combinator can not fail.
  • between
    • Tries to match a given inner surrounded by a given outerLeft and outerRight. The outerRight parser is optional and defaults to outerLeft.
  • everythingUntil
    • Tries to match everything until (value) the separator.

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